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Lean Six Sigma Executive Workshop for GVK BIO's HR Team and Project Identification



The exponential increase in the number of targets has created vast opportunities and even greater challenges. More drug candidates must be achieved with shorter times-to-market, making reliable and cost-effective research support a critical factor for success.

GVK BIO provides contract research services to a rapidly growing base of global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. They combine Science, Innovation and People to help our clients address their drug development challenges. New frontiers require new ways of working and GVK BIO believes that to deliver the true promise of science, innovation is necessary. Their customers benefit not just from lower costs and boosted efficiencies, but also from the infusion of fresh ideas and thinking.

GVK BIO is a part of the $1 billion GVK group. GVK is a diversified enterprise having interests in Infrastructure (Power, Transportation and Urban Infrastructure), Services (Hotels, Life-sciences and Financial) and Manufacturing (Particle Boards, Resins and Chemicals). GVK BIO is one of India’s premier CROs, providing an integrated platform of research services across the Pharma R&D value chain to a growing number of global Pharma and Biotech companies.

KINDUZ Consulting provided the following services:

  • A One Day Lean Six Sigma Executive Workshop for the Human Resources (HR) Team
  • Project Identification
  • Consulting to enable Alignment of the HR Department to deliver Strategic Priorities of the Business

The course outline for the Lean Six Sigma Executive Workshop includes:

  • Overview to Lean Six Sigma
    • Industry Snippets about Lean and Six Sigma
    • What is Lean Six Sigma?
    • Why is it so Successful?
    • Lean vs. Six Sigma
    • When to use Lean or Six Sigma and when not to use them
    • When do Individualsand OrganizationsFail using Lean and Six Sigma?
  • Perspectives of Lean Six Sigma
    • Historical Perspective
    • Mean vs. Variation
    • Statistical Perspective
    • Quantitative Perspective
    • Customers Perspective
    • Operational Perspective - RDMAIC
  • Recognize Phase
    • GVK BIO's Vision, Mission and Values
    • GVK BIO's Quality Policy
    • GVK BIO's Safety Policy
    • What are Strategic Priorities?
    • Identification of GVK BIO's Strategic Priorities
    • Core Processes and Non-core Processes
    • Core Process Identification for GVK BIO's HR Team
    • SWOT Analysis
    • SOWT Analysis of GVK BIO's HR Core Processes
    • Customer Complaint Analysis
    • VRIO Analysis
    • Effort - Impact Analysis
    • Business Perception Analysis and Feedback
  • Case Study on Perception Management
  • Define Phase
    • Capturing the Voice of Customer
    • Selecting Output Measures
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Customer - Output - Process - Input - Suppliers (COPIS)
  • Measure Phase
    • Data Types
    • Identifying Measures
    • Developing Operational Definitions for Measures
    • Develop Measurement Plans
    • Population vs. Sample
    • Collecting Data
    • Displaying and Evaluating Data
  • Analyze Phase
    • Fish Bone Analysis
    • Pareto Charts
    • Histograms
    • Scatter Plots
    • Visual Management
    • Kaikaku
  • Improve Phase
    • Identiying Solutions
    • Piloting Solutions
    • Refining Solutions
    • Pilot Plan Template
  • Control Phase
    • Budgetting for Control
    • Process Control Plans
    • People Control Plans
    • Technology Control Plans
    • Partner Control Plans
    • Control Charts
    • Project Closure
  • Case Studies from the Pharmaceutical Sector
  • Case Studies from Human Resource (HR) Departments
  • Detailed Case Study on Improvement in Headcount Approval Process
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