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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop for Infinite BPO

Infinite BPO

About IniniteBPO

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, InfiniteBPO has presence in the US market with a fully functional office in Illinois (IL). The company has operations and service delivery centers in India and US, and a customer base spanning across several countries including US, UK and Europe. InfiniteBPO has expertise in key verticals of Healthcare, Insurance, Legal, Market Research, Finance & Accounting and Logistics Support Services. The company offers end-to-end solutions across diverse service-technology platforms and industry domains through a Global Delivery Model, which delivers a 24 X 7 services.

InfiniteBPO, a HIPAA Compliant organization, is a dynamic provider of leading edge ITES solutions and services with global delivery capabilities with a combination of onsite, near shore and offshore teams. With seven years of success track record and client retention, InfiteBPO delivery capability is proven and competent to handle challenging assignments.

At InfiniteBPO, Innovation is the differentiator that fires the imagination and delivers result. The vast repository of knowledge in InfiniteBPO, built over the years, is an agile and dynamic value proposition. Rapid response, flawless execution, and customer intimacy are all capabilities that make possible the journey from Knowledge to Value. Based on this value proposition the company has developed process, tools and methodologies that enable it to offer its clients high-quality customized solutions.

InfiniteBPO adds value to clients with our business process consulting expertise by performing an in-depth study and analysis of client’s processes, with deep domain knowledge and process skills available in-house. Best-possible solutions and services are offered to clients through a unique combination of people skills, technology and process management. Continuous improvements are a part of their commitment to every client’s engagement which results in better ROI.

KINDUZ Consulting provided the following services:

  • Four Days of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop

The course outline for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Workshop includes:

  • Overview to Lean Six Sigma
    • Industry Snippets about Lean and Six Sigma
    • What is Lean Six Sigma?
    • Why is it so Successful?
    • Lean vs. Six Sigma
    • When to use Lean or Six Sigma and when not to use them
    • When do Individualsand OrganizationsFail using Lean and Six Sigma?
  • Perspectives of Lean Six Sigma
    • Historical Perspective
    • Mean vs. Variation
    • Statistical Perspective
    • Quantitative Perspective
    • Customers Perspective
    • Operational Perspective - RDMAIC
  • Define Phase
    • Capturing the Voice of Customer
    • Project Charter Definition
    • Problem Statement Definition
    • Defining Process Boundaries
    • Customer - Output - Process - Input - Suppliers (COPIS)
    • Defining Critical to Business (CTB), Critical to Quality (CTQ)
    • Selecting Output Measures
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Primer on Statistics
    • Statistics ?Do I already use it?
    • Types of Data
    • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics
    • Sample vs. Population
    • Sampling Error
    • Sampling Bias
    • Sampling Strategies
    • Bar Graphs
    • Pie Charts
    • What is a Distribution?
    • What is a Normal Distribution?
    • Understanding Central Tendencies - Mean, Median, Mode
    • Understanding Dispersion - Standard Deviation, Range
    • Shapes of Distributions
    • Process Capability
    • Z - Value
    • Zu, Zl, Cpk
    • Analyzing Relationships
    • Scatter Plots
    • Correlation and Correlation Coefficient
    • Regression and Regression Coefficient
  • Measure Phase
    • Selecting Project Y
    • Identifying Measures
    • Developing Operational Definitions for Measures
    • Develop Measurement Plans
    • Population vs. Sample
    • Collecting Data
    • Measurement System Analysis
    • Accuracy, Repeatability, Reproducibility, Stability, Linearity of data
    • Displaying and Evaluating Data
    • Special Causes and Common Causes
    • Upper Control Limits (UCL) and Lower Control Limits (LCL)
    • Plotting Control Charts
    • Run Charts
    • Analyzing Processes not in Statistical Control
    • Stable Process vs. Capable Process
    • Z - Shift
    • Time Value Map
  • Seven QC Tools
    • Check sheets
    • Scatter diagrams
    • Cause and Effect diagrams (CE, Fish bone or Ishikawa diagrams)
    • Histograms
    • Pareto charts
    • Run charts
    • Process behavior charts (Control Charts)
  • Lean Tools
    • Toyota Production System
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Continuous Flow
    • 5-S/Visual Controls
    • Kanban
    • Kaizen ?Continuous Improvement
    • Quick Changeovers
    • Poka-Yoke (Mistake Proofing)
    • Pull Manufacturing
    • Visual Management
    • Kaikaku
    • Heijunka
    • Jidoka (Autonomation)
  • Analyze Phase
    • Business Process Flow Mapping
    • Fish Bone Diagrams
    • Regression Analysis
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Benchmarking Process and Benchmarking Template
    • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
    • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA)
    • SWOT Analysis
    • PEST Analysis
    • Waste Analysis
      • Waste from overproduction
      • Waste of waiting time
      • Transportation waste
      • Over processing waste
      • Inventory waste
      • Waste of motion
      • Waste from product defect
  • Improve Phase
    • Identiying Solutions
    • Piloting Solutions
    • Refining Solutions
    • Pilot Plan Template
  • Control Phase
    • Budgetting for Control
    • Process Control Plans
    • People Control Plans
    • Technology Control Plans
    • Partner Control Plans
    • Control Charts
    • Project Closure
  • Case Studies from the BPO Industry
  • Other Industry Case Studies
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